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'Sleep Time' Roll On - Natural Sleep Aid Remedy for Kids and Adults to Fall Sleep Easily

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Do You Often Find It Hard to Get to Sleep? ‘Sleep Time’ helps signal your body that it is time for sleep by calming and relaxing both body and mind to encourage easily slipping into progressively deeper phases of relaxation and sleep.

READY TO USE ‘SLEEP TIME’ REDUCES TENSION, SOOTHES AND CALMS YOU - Deeply signaling the unconscious mind that its time for sleep. Peaceful rest is encouraged by these classically calming extracts. Neroli, Lavender, Camomile, Ylang-Ylang Essential Oils.

WORKS ESPECIALLY WELL GETTING CHILDREN TO SLEEP You’re able to entice even out of control kids to bed with the pleasant smells of this "magic potion" and they will love a nightly bedtime routine of rubbing it on their lower legs and the bottom of feet, (the center for touch points affecting the whole body). It absorbs readily into the skin. The aroma and routine quickly become an amazingly strong unconscious signal to fall asleep at a regular time and even back to sleep when re-signaled with the aroma.

OUR SENSE OF SMELL CONNECTS DIRECTLY TO THE NERVOUS SYSTEM AND EMOTIONS, bypassing all rational thought. That's why smells can trigger old memories, and why these essential oils act fast at getting our attention, changing thought patterns and realigning our frame of mind.

AT LAST,  YOU CAN GET HELP FALLING ASLEEP WITHOUT THE RISKS. ‘Sleep Time” is the smartest way to get you and the whole family back on track with regular, natural, restful, relaxing sleep.

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