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Remedy Trio, Three All Natural Classic Aromatherapy Herbal Roll-On Fragrance

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  • Includes 10 essential oils: Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint, Lemon, Basil, Neroli, Ylang Ylang, Sweet Orange Spearmint, and Atlas Cedar blended in fractionated Coconut Oil to allow direct use of essential oils on your skin without harm.
  • The three remedies were extensively researched and designed for their specific purpose by Tedd Neenan, a certified and locally-renown Chicago Aromatherapist with two decades of experience creating highly individualized tinctures for a loyal clientele.
  • Set includes three 15 ml with 200+ treatments in each bottle, Classic Aromatherapy Blends specifically targeted for best results in 1) stress relief to rapidly melt away anxiety and bring on a calm centering, 2) relief and recovery from migraine, tension or sinus headache, and 3) allieviation of fatigue while boosting energy, memory and alertness.
  • Each can be used: in Aromatherapy, for Customizing Massage, as a Body Oil, or mixed with Body Lotion, with Vaporizer, Diffuser, Oil Burner, Inhalation, as a Natural Disinfectant, added to a Compress, as a Perfume, with Spa and Home Care, as or mixed with Cleaning Products. For external use only.
  • As Aromatherapy, each 15ml bottle contains over 200 treatments. Apply each remedy as needed without concern of overdose or drug side effects. Possible skin irritation although the medium of fractionated Coconut Oil is used in massage.

Remedy Trio Includes 3 Classic Aromatherapy Remedies:

1) Stress-Relief "Peace of Mind in a bottle" Retrieve peace of mind using four essential oils to give you a break from stress and encourage calm along with an uplifted mood - giving you a sense of more centered grounding.

2) Fatigue-Buster "Energy and Memory Boost" Refreshing Lemon and energizing Basil clear away the cobwebs as Rosemary goes to work on enhancing memory. Enhances concentration and performance. Uses 3 essential oils well known to enhance mood, support attaining mental clarity, and help to boost your energy, a good choice for de-stressing when there is still work to be done.

3) Headache Relief is just a touch away. Contains Pure Essential Oils used by Aromatherapists to relieve you while leaving your skin cool with a mild tingling sensation.

Each natural Aromatherapy Remedy is delivered in a medium of fractionated Coconut Oil to allow direct application of essential oils to the skin without harm.

You be the judge of whether aromatherapy works for you! We take away the risk of your purchase with an ironclad guarantee. Our Hassle-free, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee: It Will Tame Your Stress, Reclaim Your Calm, and Bring You Energy and Comfort or Your Money Back! 

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