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“Natural pathways to a healthy, happier life”

Nutravana provides you with natural herbal remedies to help relieve stress and anxiety, calm and soothe headaches, help you sleep and assist with increasing your natural immune system, thus boosting your health and  personal energy. 

You, likely, have reached us on your journey to learn more about what can be done to improve your health through more natural means. You may be tired of the tendency of doctors, convinced by the powerful pharmaceutical industry, to see that the answer to every problem is to take another pill. You are also likely to be concerned that those pills also come with serious warnings about the dangers to your internal organs, if you take too many. So what are your alternatives?

We are here to help you find more choices in Alternative and Complimentary Medicine.Dealing with Stress Naturally

Yes, the pills may indeed help, and your doctor has every intention of doing their best, but alternatives and complimentary methods of treatment are not often discussed sufficiently - largely due to lack of time for more complicated explanations, or as a result of the extraordinary influence of Big Pharma.

We discuss why so few options are offered by your doctor in our blog article entitled, “Are You Accepting Higher Health Risks Than Necessary With Your Pain Or Headache Medicine?” which brings us to who we are and why we are here...

Our name, Nutravana, combines the words natural, nutritional and nirvana.

It expresses our goal to help people reach higher levels of happiness in life through means that are: 1) “natural”, closest to how nature works, 2) “nutritional” introducing substances that supplement the body’s needs in order to function well, and 3) in pursuit of nirvana, or the ultimate happiness and well being.

Both the terms Happiness, as studied by “Positive” Psychologists, and Nirvana, the ultimate goal of spiritual practices and meditation, reflect the importance of involving and working with the mind to reach both better health and happiness. The mind has a a primary role to play at every stage from handing stress to focusing our actions and managing our health issues, and ultimately in enabling us to reach higher heights for both body and soul.

We discuss the mind's connection with stress more in-depth in our book, “Dealing with Stress Naturally” which comes free with every purchase of related products.

In short, we are interested in helping you on your journey from where you are now, possibly experiencing pain and stress from all kinds of triggers or stressors, to finding relief from those, and learning what you can do to better manage the aches and stressors; all the way to finding how to bring more happiness and abundance into your life.

Nutravana was founded by Gary W. Edson, Ph.D. and is dedicated to supplying the finest products and services available for you and your family’s health, fitness and well-being.

For Aromatherapy, Nutravana teams with highly respected and renown Aromatherapist, Tedd Neenan, in practice since 1992 at his popular Aroma Workshop in Chicago’s Lincoln Park.

Together we offer the finest Pure Essential Oils Blends that provide a complimentary pathway for boosting your body’s ability to handle stress or nerve related ailments using topically applied aromatherapy. Each aroma remedy uses the beneficial properties of complex organic compounds found in nature’s plants and flora that have been discovered and used by various civilizations over the centuries.

“Our goal for the aromatherapy blends is to address the most commonly found ailments that people confront daily, including headaches, excessive stress on the nervous system, problems going to sleep and managing their alertness and performance under conditions of fatigue.”

We are excited to be on this journey with you and look forward to hearing more about your story and how we can be of assistance!

Sincerely yours,


Gary W. Edson, Ph.D.

Founder, Nutravana


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