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Wellness Trio’ Gift Set: Sleep Time, Breathe Easy, No Worries - Aromatherapy Get Well and Thrive Kit

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3 Classic Chicago Aroma Workshop Essential Oil Remedies to Help You Get Well Once Again with Better Sleep, Deeper Breathing, and Lower Anxiousness + Plus Free eBook, "Dealing with Stress Naturally" (All non-commercial information.)

SLEEP TIME to Help You Get Back on a Regular Sleeping Schedule, Kids Love It Too!

BREATHE EASY to Open Up, Soothe and Ease Your Respiratory System, Both Seasonally and Year Around

NO WORRIES to Get You Back In the Swing of Life with Less Fret and Worries; Calm Your Racing Mind

Small Leakproof Roll-on Bottles for Each Blend Allow You to Use Them Anywhere 200+ times You’re Guaranteed to be Satisfied or Your Money Back - 90 Day Full Money Back Guarantee

PURCHASE INCLUDES a FREE GUIDEBOOK "Dealing with Stress Naturally" the 40 page ebook explains easy steps you can take today to relieve stress and become a healthier, happy individual - without pills! It's what your doctor just doesn't have time to tell you, but would like to see us try for managing stress.

Aromatherapy and plant-based medicines have been used since ancient times. Essential oils are mentioned over 300 times in the Bible. They're used today as safer more holistic complimentary alternatives for soothing inflammation, irritation, boosting the immune system, neutralizing germs and bacteria and notably helping change and uplift mood.

These 3 remedies are classics:

Sleep Time “Calming, Peaceful Blend” Helps you and your family get back on track with better sleeping schedules by supporting a relaxing, calming mood to melt away concerns and lull you to sleep. Children love its enticing aroma and their new ‘magic potion’ for getting to sleep.

Breathe Easy “Respiratory Blend” soothes inflammation and irritation by relaxing constricted blood flow, calming and soothing the affected areas and boosting your body’s ability to fight against germs and bacteria that could cause problems.

No Worries helps quiet your racing mind and calm restlessness and irritability to promote inner peace. Knock your mountain of concerns back down to a few molehills that you can easily handle with a more uplifted, and confident mood. Its citrusy fragrance is uplifting and creates warm feelings inside.

Each drug-free natural remedy contains therapeutic grade essential oils delivered in a medium of Fractionated Coconut Oil to allow direct application to the skin without harm.

Used broadly in skin care products, the carrier oil is odorless, tasteless with a very long shelf life that helps preserve the essential oils; allowing them to last for years in clear glass bottles. It also aides skin absorption to increase benefits.

There is absolutely NO RISK TO TRY IT FOR 90 DAYS. If you don't like it, GET YOUR MONEY BACK with a prompt and courteous refund.

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