Shari's Reviews: 💙 Essential Oil for Headache Remedy Roll On by Nutravana

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I got some Nutravana oil made for headaches. It actually works. I couldn’t believe it!

So this was my first time using any essential oils and I have got to tell you, I was amazed. I could not believe that this actually works.

The best way that I can think to describe the way the essential oils actually work, and took my headache away-- is that you feel the cool sensation go through your nose. It sort of like covers over it, and sort of feels like a numbing sensation up to where your headache is at. It sort of covered it up with the cold sensation and eventually take the pain completely away.

How crazy is that? I would've never thought that would actually workI Immediately after it worked for me, I had to run to the computer to see what could be actually in it to make this work so well.

So what I found out is that essential oils are made up of very small particles - so small that they can actually enter this cellular membrane these particles are very quickly and easily dispersed into your entire body, and because our bodies are made up of the same compounds of the earth as the plants; it can deliver helpful things to our bodies to help replace or put back things that we might be missing.

Or it might be an actual type of medicine. If you look back to the ancients this was their main source of medicine for thousands of years.

I actually saw that there were tens of thousands of studies done with these essential oils. One of them that I read over actually scored higher in relieving a headache than Tylenol, or over-the-counter pain medicine did.  I would have never believed that until I actually tried it. 

So I’ll take it down low and show you some more details about this product, and what it all comes with. So I put everything back in the box here so you can see how this will come shipped to you. 

It comes in this very interesting-looking box. You open it here on the top and your oil comes wrapped in a tissue paper just like this. So it's very pretty.

I like how they send it to you! Its like opening a gift. Also in the box, they send you a “Thank you” card. How cool is that?

This is what's on the card. It tells you, “If you're not satisfied — send them an email”. This product does come with a 90 day guarantee. So if this oil doesn't work out, like you think it will, then you can always just send them an email and get a “No-questions-asked money back guarantee”.

I suggest, if you get headaches, that you try this stuff it worked great for me! I would totally recommend it to any of my family or friends!

So this is how your essential oil comes. It's in this very pretty glass bottle. I don't know if you can tell right here, but you can see how thick the glass is — it it's very thick; a very good quality bottle. 

So you can tell i've used quite a bit. I love this stuff! Not only does it smell great, but it actually gets rid of your headache. It’s so crazy!

There are 15 milli-liters in this bottle, and it's all organic. The ingredients include fractionated coconut oil which is the base oil and does not have any scent. It’s like a carrier for the oils.

Then you have peppermint. Now the peppermint is what I was reading about in the clinical trials — where it actually worked better than the over-the-counter pain medicine.

The next is Spearmint which is very similar to peppermint. Then it has lavender. 

So the directions are on the back of the bottle.  It's just so pretty! I love the lavender flowers on the front!

Under the cap, you have a nice rollerball and the rollerball definitely puts out a nice amount of oil.

The rollerball on this bottle is removable. You just move it back and forth and it comes out very easily. Then you can use a dropper inside of there, or you can just pour it out — like I do onto the pads of my necklace.

The roller ball also goes back on very easily. It just snaps right back on and the cap screws on.

I hope you enjoyed hearing everything I’ve learned about this, and I hope that it has been helpful to some of you out there. 

It’s like actually a whole new world to learn about essential oils and learning all about them.

You know i'm looking forward to trying them all out!

I really wish I would have been exposed to this kind of thing sooner.

Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you guys next time!

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