Taking Too Much Risk with Headache Pills?

Should you take that headache pill?

Every regular headache sufferer has been warned by their doctor and the FDA not to continuously take headache medication over prolonged periods due to heightened risks of serious health consequences. A good alternative is to use herbal remedies blended from essential oils that can help to relieve most headache or migraine symptoms quickly with little to no risk of side effects. In most cases, remedies are the optimal first line of defense against headaches and won’t conflict with medication if or when it is taken.

Health experts are quick to warn people about the potential dangers from taking too much headache medicine. However, there is much less information given about what can actually be done to take less medication. We take a look at the option of applying essential oil blends to relieve symptoms without the risks of dire consequences for your health.

Although using pain drugs for a single headache or occasional use is easily tolerated, risks increase greatly with prolonged use and higher doses. Basically every type of pill for headache pain whether it is acetaminophen, aspirin, or NSAIDs like ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) and naproxen (Aleve), or prescription drugs like Triptans includes serious risks to internal organs, such as liver damage, heart attack, hypertension, stroke, ulcers and stomach bleeding among others. 

Ironically, even headaches can result from too much headache medication. Invariably risks increase greatly with prolonged use or higher doses. 
What can I do when an episode begins?
The choices appear to be to take medication, or not. Fortunately a third option is to apply herbal essential oils that can sooth the pain, stress and nausea without taking more pills. Considered a ‘complementary treatment’ the blends can be applied regardless of whether one takes medication. Either way, they have a good chance of relieving tight muscles, nerves and stress, especially with proper hydration and rest.

A physician should be consulted, but If medication is required, it’s likely that the oils will not present a conflict. For example, Triptans are most effective when used early in the process. Using both to achieve greater, quicker comfort doesn't appear to be a problem.

Nutravana offers two remedies, "Headache Relief" and "Stress Relief" made of essential oils blended in massage oil that absorb readily into the skin to calm overstimulated nervous systems. The remedies are applied at the temples, wrists, neck and shoulders, and inhaled deeply.

Essential oils are light, quickly evaporating distilled liquids full of complex organic compounds made from the “essence” of aromatic herbs, leaves, flowers, seeds, roots, resin, and bark. The Nutravana blends include Lavender, Spearmint, Peppermint, Atlas Cedar, Ylang Ylang, Sweet Orange and Neroli which have been used, in some cases, for thousands of years as medication. Their analgesic properties and ability to reduce stress and soothe stomachs and muscles are well known and documented.

“The remedies are not a miracle cure, as nothing is, but they can help to manage symptoms at a tiny fraction of the risk. To regular headache sufferers that’s what makes them worth their weight in gold!”, says Nutravana founder, Gary Edson, Ph.D.

The stress and headache relief blends have been used by clients at Aroma Workshop in Chicago’s Lincoln Park for over two decades. They apply the blends early often resulting in avoiding medication or helping while it goes into effect.

“I like the relief -- and love that it's safe. I have one always on my coffee table and another in my purse. It has gotten rid of several of the ... "I couldn't sleep" headaches - helps a lot with the "I have a cold and my head feels like it's going to explode sinus headaches - and has always taken care of the tension/stress headaches. It did not make any of my true migraines go away, but it did help the pain a little until the meds kicked in. I used to take at least 4 tylenol nearly every day. Now I might take some once every other week at most.”        - P. Smith

Risks include possible allergies, which can easily be tested before use, or possible skin irritation, although the oils are high quality, antioxidant skin conditioners that are more likely to treat, condition and moisturize your skin than to irritate it.

Nutravana offers a ‘no questions asked’ 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so returns are easy for those not completely satisfied.

Both medical doctors and the FDA have clearly warned every recurring headache sufferer not to persist at taking headache medication for prolonged periods since they risk serious damage to their internal organs. In this article we explore two non-drug based aromatherapy remedies that can serve as a first line of defense for relieving the headache or migraine symptoms in a safe way that is unlikely to conflict with medication when or if it is taken.

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