How to take your relationship to a higher plane and improve your health

Relationships can get stuck when one of you is too stressed out, down, tired or getting frequent headaches.

Adjusting to individual health problems can put a strain on any relationship and if they go on too long or happen during otherwise stressful times, they can easily lead to misunderstandings between them. 

  Regardless, people tend to be leery of aggressively treating every malady with drugs and medication. As labels warn, there is always a concern with possible overdose, potential conflicts between medications, a drug possibly losing its effectiveness with continued use, and the unknown affects they may have on the digestive tract, and other concerns. Many people avoid taking oral medication due to these concerns. 

Alternatively, aromatherapists have long studied the effects of herbal essential oils and their long traditions of use in countering many affiliations on the nervous system. Nutravana has recently enlisted the expertise of a Chicago Aromatherapist, Ted Neenan, to identify and produce three classic blends of pure essential oils known to combine well in fighting specific types of maladies. 

“Our goal for these three aromatherapy blends was to address the most commonly found ailments and stressors that people confront daily, including recurring headaches, stress on the nervous system and managing alertness and performance under conditions of fatigue.”, said Dr. Gary Edson, founder of Nutravana. 

Since they are externally applied many of the risks identified earlier for oral medication simply don’t apply. Risks of use for the aromatherapy remedies include individual sensitivity or allergy to specific herbs and possible skin irritation. Its always wise to test the solution on  a small area of skin first. The essential oils are mixed into an oil medium of which is odorless and safe, often used for skin care therapy and massage.

The  first remedy is a natural, drug free way to cope with headache pain, nausea, sinus and muscle tension, aches and overheating. “Aroma Remedy - Headache relief in a bottle” is said to be effective at relieving throbbing pain and nausea while leaving the skin cool with a mild tingling sensation and lessens or eliminates the need to orally take medication for pain relief thus avoiding possible side effects.

A second remedy uses herbs known to boosts your mental alertness and mental clarity, as well as reduce your cortisol (stress hormone) levels, “Fatigue Buster - Energy and Memory Boost in a bottle” contains a trio of essential oils that are well known to elevate your mood, enhance your memory and helps to boost your energy and feelings of contentment. Its for those who are faced with a challenge to stay alert, perform well and interact with others. It aides alertness without the need to “get wired” with too much caffeine or artificial stimulants which can lead to and subsequent down period.

The third remedy is comprised of four essential oils with a reputation for lessening anxiety and stress that can result in a break from chronic stress and bring on calm along with an uplifted mood — “Stress-Relief - Peace of Mind in a bottle” is said to provide a sense of grounding that supports calm reflection which can aide in defusing extreme emotions such as anger or jealousy.

Aromatherapy remedies relieve a significant source of stress for the couple’s relationship as well. One reason some customers see the remedies to be suitable as a romantic gift. Customer, Jose Colombo, commented, “She often has too much stress or is too tired and gets headaches. That can really put a damper on what we do together in lots of ways. So, I figured if this birthday gift can help her with some of those problems, all the better! She loved it.“

The three remedies together form a sort of “emergency kit” that when used to relieve common ailments could reduce the amount of time one of the couple is in distress and therefore increase the time available as a couple.

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