Four Essential Oils To Help You Be Less Anxious, Reduce Your Fear of Participation

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Our mind and bodies have evolved to become very attuned to possible threats. For a lot of our history as humans the threats of physical harm were very real and it was a good idea to stress over them; stay alert and ready to respond. Survival was at stake. Not so much in the modern world, where our tendency to be overly anxious and nervous can, in itself, lead to painful states of mind. Lots of people use essential oils to help turn that around; feel more calm and reduce their anxiousness.

'No Worries' is a topically applied aromatherapy to use when you find yourself too tense from worry and concern, participating less fully with others or holding yourself back from taking part in events and social situations.

Lots of imaginary threats can trigger our natural response of 'fight or flight'. At some point, "being on edge" becomes way too much and we ought to relax and turn down the intensity so we can lift up our mood. Otherwise, we worry too much or most of the time. We make mountains out of molehills. Worry can cause problems in numerous areas of your life.

Are you anxious about being anxious? Let 'No Worries" help brighten your day, relax you, encourage releasing your concerns to become calmer instead; more able to embrace life and to let your inner light shine.

Do worries and concerns replace your inner peace regularly? Do you hold yourself back too much in social situations? Knock your mountain of concerns back down to a few molehills that you can easily manage with a more uplifted, and self-confident mood.

Are you overly nervous about your next trip to the doctor or dentist? Take the air out of your anxiety and support a grounded, restful frame of mind!

No Worries has a wonderful citrusy scent that is uplifting, but all at once creates warm feelings inside. It contains the essence of natural herbs recommended by aromatherapists to help you quiet your racing mind and calm restlessness and irritability to promote inner peace.

Nutravana's customers at Aroma Workshop in Chicago have often exclaimed how shocked they are at how quickly their state of mind changed after they breathed it in deeply.

How does it work? "No Worries" includes the essence of fragrant plants and herbs well known to support calming and quieting actively anxious minds, uneasy or jittery nerves and release from minor anxieties. These Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are optimally combined with Fractionated Coconut Oil and are ready to apply to the skin to support relaxing and being more grounded and at peace:

Sweet Orange - is a bright, pleasant, worry-reducing, uplifting, invigorating mood enhancer

Ylang-Ylang - is soothing and calming to both state of mind and the heart, helps calm over-excited states, by grounding and stabilizing, likewise; it also improves the skin

Chamomile - has an overall calming effect for a worried mind or tense body, restores comfort and ease to overworked bodies stuck in a pattern of stress

Patchouli - calming, peaceful, stomach settling, good for skin

Nutravana includes a Free Guidebook with every purchase, "Dealing with Stress Naturally". This 40 page ebook explains simple steps you can take today to ease tension and stress and become a much healthier, pleased person - without taking pills! It's what your doctor simply doesn't have time to tell you, but would love to see you try for handling tension and stress.

Nutravana's offers a 90 Day Cash back Guarantee: Use "No Worries" for 90 days and if you aren't a believer, merely return the bottle - even if its empty- to get a total refund. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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